Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here's a great article on the "State of the Blogosphere / 2008" (From Technorati) This is where I gathered much of my information about blogging.

Ooooh! I just discovered that this simple editor even has an automatic spell check!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Formating and Hyperlinks

Note the "New Post" button in the upper right hand corner. Also note the "Edit Post" pencil below each post.

Once you have clicked "New Post" you will be taken to a simple text/HTML editor. Above the Compose text box you will see a few basic tools. Most are obvious and change the text. The hyperlink button may be new to you. To make a hyperlink, first copy the URL address of a page, picture or file from the Internet. Highlight a word or phrase in your text that you wish to become a link, click the hyperlink button, paste the URL and click OK.

Note that in the upper right you may click Preview.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

YouTube Movie Test

I went to my page at http://www.youtube.com, found a movie, clicked and copied the Embed code (To the right of the movie).

The code was pasted below and should show up as a YouTube movie.

Flickr Image Test

I went to my page at http://www.flickr.com , found a picture, clicked > All Sizes (above the picture), chose > Small (240 x 240).

Below the picture is "1. Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage:"

The code was pasted below and should show up as the image which should be linked to the Flickr page for that picture.

Brigitta’s Ballet Recital

Note: The medium (500 x 500) image was too wide for this blog; only the left side was displayed.

Test Blog for Blogging Session

This is a test post for an upcoming session on blogging; boy this was easy.

My regular website and blog is at: http://hallbuzz.com/